Isaac Hurst, Owner of Modern Ethic tells us his “why”

The Whatcom Dream

Learn about a non-profit specializing in teaching financial literacy.

As Director & Editor

Saturday Night at the Pearson’s LA 48 Hour Film

What happens when you drink too much on a Saturday night?

As Key Grip, Production Sound, and Editor

Customized Home Marketing with Andrew Shelton

Maximize your selling experience with realtor Andrew Shelton.

As Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor

Drink, Smoke, Snort…and Drink Again!

Two addicts pontificate during a drug deal, which leads to dire consequences.

As Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor

Ride Culture

Get the feeling of what Ride Culture is.

As Director

Puppy Play Day at Paws For A Beer

Who doesn’t like a bunch of puppies playing?

As Director & Editor

Episode 1 of Brewer’s Magic

Combining Magic the Gathering with beer!

As Executive Producer, Director, and Editor

The Intro to Brewer’s Magic

Intro only for Brewer’s Magic.

As Director & Editor

Dorothy Place Fundraiser 2020

Hear the gut-wrenching stories of formerly homeless women and the organization that gave them hope.

As Director & Editor

Our Treehouse Fundraiser Video 2021

During the pandemic, non-profits had to be creative about how they did their fundraising. Video was the perfect solution.

As Editor & Camera Operator

Coming Soon – Unbound: The Remarkable Cassidy Huff

A documentary about Cassidy Huff, a young woman with dwarfism who participated in the NYC Marathon and who is studying to become an actress.